For many years I’ve wanted to publish my own journal or coloring book of some kind through Print on Demand using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, several friends are doing it as well as teaching it and they make it sound so easy.

I attended a workshop on how to create an easy composition book when I was in Vegas for ASD this past summer. We saw several finished examples, listened to a presentation and then walked through the process step by step and it really was pretty simple.

During the workshop, I learned how to easily create Hippiedewdles, a composition notebook branded for my own Hippiedew brand and I love how it turned out though I will probably be my only customer on this one however it’s a great example of what I can easily offer as a custom service for my clients and customers.

My 1st official “legit” book is now available on Amazon and at the low price of $6.99, I make a $2 royalty for every one sold! I’ve named my book Cuba Escapes ~ My Day In Havana, author name is one of my pen names, Hippiedew Escapes.

After extensive google searches I’ve taken the best basic tips and tricks that I’ve found and compiled them into this handy 8 1/2 x 11 full size prompt journal which will help in preparation/manifesting this dream trip. Of course I’ll be able to create an updated and more complete version now that I’ll be in Havana myself.

This 100 page book has 47 prompts with an extra blank page after each prompt page. There are additional blank journal pages in the back so there is plenty of space for writing down your Havana memories and things not to forget during and after your visit.

I’ll be in Havana for one full day and I want to make the most of it. Journaling is important to me and through this book I already win with my own personal use but I love making it a win/win by sharing my ideas with others and potentially enhancing their own similar journey.

This will be my 1st training trip as a travel agent and I’m so excited to go on this bucket list adventure and my daughter will be coming along too! This is my why!

Is Cuba on your bucket list, maybe it’s on your dream vision board? how about going with me next time~ You can make it happen just like I did! Please let me know if I can assist you in any of your travel needs.

Combining multiple streams of income is possible through Print on Demand with books, t-shirts and many other items. Selling travel to Cuba and anywhere else in the world can be a pretty fun and rewarding gig too.

Making a living doing what you love  This is what it’s all about! Let me know how I can help.

Peace, Vicki

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