I remember keeping a diary when I was young, as an adult I outgrew the habit, it didn’t seem important and who would really care? It’s too time consuming and there’s too much to do. Boy was I wrong.

When my husband was sick I was again encouraged to journal so I picked up the pen and attempted it again. There was a lot going on back then and I had a hard time getting started, it was not a good time and what good could it do.

I look back now and wish I would’ve kept at it all these years, I’m older and wiser and know that I learn much more about myself through journaling, I can only continue on from here and possibly inspire you to give it a shot.

After he died, there were many lonely days and nights, that’s when I grew to realize the importance and how it could help me cope. It became comforting for me writing down my thoughts and feelings and I truly feel it helped in dealing with my grief. Sometimes I would turn my words into a letter to him, just telling him what was going on, what I was up to. I do get signs from him every now and then so I know they’re being delivered.

Journaling is such a personal thing, it can be a form of meditation. I always want to be honest with myself. It helps me to clear my head, make important connections between my thoughts and feelings sometimes trying to figure out why I do stupid shit and not even know why.

When I journal, it helps if I generalize the situation, try to see something from a 3rd party view. It’s kind of helped me in real life with that too, there’s always 3 sides to every story. If you haven’t journaled lately, why not? What could it hurt if you give it a try.



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