We’re gonna get wet!

I’ve always loved to travel. When we were first married, my husband and I put a LOT of vacation miles on our motorcycle. If we had bad weather, well, we learned by trial and error to be better prepared the next time, to be flexible with our schedule and to budget for a hotel so we knew we’d have a warm bed at the end of the road.

Those are the best times, they fostered my love for road trips and will always be the trips I’ll remember.

Road Trip

My travel choices have evolved over the years, I still love road trips but I prefer my SUV now, 4 wheels on the road for me. I’m also ok flying to exotic destinations from time to time!

My budget limits the number of adventures I can take, however, by being an entreprepeur I can visit new places often by attending business conferences & retreats, trade shows related to my industry as well as friend & client meetups around the globe.

Now I sometimes find a nice AirBNB, I love this new shared community stuff!

I’ve always booked my own travel, the internet makes it super easy now-a-days to find the perfect spot for that get-away, easy to compare prices and to read reviews to validate value either up or down. Friends were always asking me to help them plan their trips.

I’ve recently taken my love for both travel and business to a whole new level! I am now a Travel Agent with  Inteletravel as my host agency. Try my website when looking for your next trip, reach out to see how I can add value.  click here

A friend of mine encouraged me to give this a try, I was already booking my own travel and I was pretty good at it.  I thought why would I, let alone anyone else I know even use a Travel Agent today? As she explained, why not learn a great system where you can earn a commission, earn free trips as well as finding better options, unlimited options for yourself and your friends who you’re already helping.

If you know what you are doing, you will be a pro at this girl!

She knew the right things to say and the buzz word for me was travel and travel with friends!  I was already doing it, a LOT, but always on a budget. I’m not saying that a budget is a bad thing, it’s taught me other great life lessons and I can still squeeze a lot out of a dime.  It didn’t take me long to figure out how being a Travel Agent could add so much value to everything else I was doing and I could travel even more and plan some kick-a$$ trips with my friends.

Even though it’s easy for me to plan a trip and I can usually find something of good value, not everyone knows how to do it, that alone could be stopping them from travelling, from discovering new places.

Saving for Your Dream Trip

If this is you, let me help you now and please start your travel search here.

So here I am for you, I’ll be putting together some fun packages starting at my place in Colorado, the HippiedewDropInn. We’re also branching out to some of my other favorite places like Las Vegas, San Diego and the Sea-Commerce cruise to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta is in the works!

Join my list if you want to play~

Northern Lights

While I’m at it I’ll be adding a few of my bucket list places like time traveling in Cuba and cruising to Alaska with hopes of seeing the Northern Lights, I’m planning this for September 2019 for my birthday party.

Every year I’ve always planned the next years trip, vacation was so important to our family. Travel is always on my vision board every year, always top of mind.

At my age, I’ve acknowledged the fact that I’m a lifelong learner so I’m looking at this as a Master’s Course at a Community College pace and I love the homework.

Those are just a few of my why’s on what led me to focus on this.  Travel has allowed me to learn at such a higher level because of the many new experiences and people I meet along the way. Each person and each networking event leads you to so much more if you are open for opportunity.

I can’t imagine where my life would be without the experiences I’ve had with travel to this point.

Time Travelling in Cuba

I’ve been preparing hard the last several months and it’s time for a break, well sort of. My 1st FAM trip, is coming up so it will still officially be work. My self assigned homework is to learn as much as I can about Havana before I sail there in September, my 60th birthday present to myself.  I can now chalk one off of the bucket list!

UPDATE: In September, I achieved a goal and published a book on Amazon! I created a prompt journal for my upcoming trip to Havana Cuba. Here’s the link, start manifesting a trip of your own.

Travel Agent FAM trips are familiarization trips for training and education, they are very much work related and what a way to make a living!

For this FAM trip, I’ll be on a cruise ship to Havana. I was allowed to take 1 non travel agent guest so my daughter will be joining me.  She’s another one of my whys! I love being able to spend quality time with her. We had to jump fast because the price was one I couldn’t refuse. It’s still hard to believe we are really going.

What a gift to be able to spend a week with my daughter in such an incredible way.

If you’ve followed along this far, I would love to invite you to join my Hippiedew Escapes mailing list as well as my facebook page. We will be planning some fun group adventures and I want to experience as many of them as possible for a LONG  LONG time. Peace.

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  1. Kat Simpson - July 8, 2018 Reply

    What a great reason to be a Travel Agent! You were already an agent for so many people, now you can still do that and the hotels, bus lines, rentals, cruises and all will pay a commission. My daughter just signed up to be an agent and I can’t wait to travel with her. So excited for you and your daughter. Enjoy the Experience!

  2. Sherri Dunn - August 23, 2018 Reply

    Glad I saw this girlfriend

  3. Quentin G Daufeldt - August 23, 2018 Reply

    Hey now, I really really like this idea for my mother and my wife and I’s future. Really looking forward to staying in contact with you in order to plan a future vacation. You have already shown us a great time in Colorado. Imagine what you could plan me in the future to Jamaica. We may have to start actually discussing that one. Thank you for what you do and my wife and I like forward to continuing business with you.

    Thank you

  4. Kelly Murray - August 24, 2018 Reply

    Hi Vicki, please add me to your list!
    My cousin Holly and her husband Tim are taking a cruise to Cuba Sept 4…is that the one you are on??
    Loved reading your blog…maybe I should become a travel agent too!!

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