I recently wrote a post asking, Do You Journal?  Now I’ll ask you the million dollar question, do your clients journal?  I bet they do and I can help you with putting one together that they will purchase and you can make a buck or two with minimal effort! I’m sure you can think of a topic or two.

In that post, I describe what journaling does for me, how important it is in my life and how it helps me maintain my sanity at times. This is why I am thrilled to be working on several new projects creating customized prompt journals and also daily and weekly planners through Amazon!

Open your own free publishing account by logging in with your Amazon account at kdp.amazon.com

I’ve recently started working with a free program that Amazon offers for self-publishing called Kindle Direct Publishing, aka KDP.  My interest in this program was inspired by a friend of mine who is known as the Queen of KDP! Her name is Katharyne Shelton. Katharyne and her business partner Isaac have created some great courses and tools for helping out with the publishing process and definitely making it easier.

Along with the courses for sale, much of Katharyne’s training is available for free here on her YouTube Channel, if you’d like to browse on your own, please do, I think you’ll be inspired with ideas.

I purchased their Tangent Templates product for easy creation of my interiors.

Here is one of their latest  YouTube  demos that includes a complete walk through of the KDP journal publication process using the Tangent Templates for the interior.

In this next video she goes over some of her newest creations, Sticker Books! See if this sparks some creativity for you.

I’d love to partner with you on creating a journal for your niche market.

If this all looks way to overwhelming of a job to tackle yourself, know that I can help you through this and we will make it happen. Let’s set up an appointment to talk soon.



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