I came up with this idea the day I was meeting my 1st yoga client.

I was getting ready and had no idea what to wear. I had my comfy yoga pants that I wear around the house a lot of the time but as someone who does t-shirt marketing, what message should I wear on my shirt?

Meeting a client was my reason for going, this new shirt will explain my lack of knowledge as well as grace.

My mind is spinning now with all sorts of messages to create with this new t-shirt idea.  Adding my brand logo just makes it sweeter.

With a little refresher, it could be an Amazon Custom design listing, I just need to take a week to review the instructions on how to integrate my GearBubble and Amazon accounts to put a campaign together.

I did a quickie design in Canva, converted the graphic to the correct size in paint.net. I then uploaded my finished design to Merch By Amazon and in less than an hour, I’ve got a live design with a custom link, ready for anyone I send it to, to purchase on Amazon and they do all the work.

I added my Hippiedew logo to personalize even more.

Do you want to know my idea?  Click on this private link to view the shirt on my own personal Amazon listing page.

What do you think? Let me know if I can help you co-create something for yourself or your business. I love to “Joint” Venture.

If you’ve made it this far, here is my shirt.

I’ve ordered my shirt through Amazon Prime, I receive free shipping and Amazon does the rest. I should have my shirt by next week and I won’t have to worry what to wear to my next yoga session. I really loved it!

Let me know how I can help you put together a t-shirt marketing campaign. You can find me on facebook either through Hippiedew or Laptop Lyfe.

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