Mobile Business Cards

I’m an affiliate with a company called Royaltie, with Royaltie, you can turn your smartphone into a lead generation machine anywhere, anytime. Royaltie also offers a way to create unlimited Mobile Business Cards that are easy to share with many at once or just one at a time.

The Mobile Biz Card is my favorite feature of this program and I want to share a few examples for you that I’ve created.

These cards can easily be created with your android or iphone once you’ve established your Royaltie account and downloaded the Royaltie app. You will be able to create unlimited mobile cards, sending your potential customers and clients to whichever card you have that matches their interests. This is an awesome tool for the budding Ganjapreneur and can cost as little as $25 a month to maintain.

With this next card, I created an easy way to connect with potential sponsors  and speakers for my Meetup group.   https://clickmy.info/r/7UdF/Vicki_Conley

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